Nov 26, 2013

Medical Malpractice Legislation in NH Under Revision

Kevin Landrigan of the The Nashua Telegraph lays out the goings on regarding NH's early offer medical malpractice law that went into effect last year. Now it looks like an effort is in the works to rewrite the law, which Landrigan calls "one of the most heavily lobbied bills during the Republican-dominated Legislature in 2011-12."

Writes Landrigan,
"The clear advantage for the medical community is the early offer doesn’t include any court-awarded damages for pain, suffering and loss of companionship that can significantly enhance any judgment by a jury. Once they enter into those talks, if it goes to trial and they fail to get 25 percent more than what they were offered to settle the case, the 'victim' has to pay all legal fees. The change would strike all references to losing legal fees for the person who was injured, and also wouldn’t recognize any waiver of the rights to sue, which is signed within 60 days of the incident." 
 Please continue to read about this issue in "The Landrigan Report."

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